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Reynolds CNC Hobbies is actually a culmination of a lot of things.

I am in my middle 40s and have a family of seven now. Our oldest will stop whatever he is doing, where ever we are and thank someone that has any veterans clothing or markings on.

I served in the Army from 1998 to 2006. A training accident early in my career put me in disabled status even though deployments followed. Our household is Patriotic and that is the reason why my first product is US flags. Whether it's traditional stars and stripes or something with a personal interest, it doesn't matter. Everyone has a hobby, belief or passion that makes them who they are.

What made me who I am is my family. I worked on my grandfather's farm till the mid 90's. I learned enough about everything to set me on the path to who I am now. Work ethic, basic mechanical, electrical and fundamentals in so many things were day to day. After High School I visited a couple colleges and decided that a lot of what was offered was redundant. I took a page out of my best friends book and joined up too. After that was training and Korea. I ended up being a Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, Recovery Specialist and Combat Lifesaver. What a change from farming in Indiana!

Here we are years later. After the service I started a family, worked local to earn a living and make the most of it. Just like most of my family did. We actually counted to the best of our memory once. Over two dozen of my family has served, including my Great Uncle Phil Ward who helped raise the original flag at Iwo Jima. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and my sister all served our great nation. There is honestly no place on Earth like the USA!

Right out of the service I went into what was closest to military diesel tech and worked on semis local. When that was exhausted I turned to Agricultural Diesel to get back to my roots. It was well enjoyed and reminded me a lot about my youth. While there, after a stent, another job was offered at a local gravel pit and that is where my mind went from turning wrenches to wanting to understand 3phase industrial power and controls. I took a hiatus and started my own shop fixing cars, trucks, tractors and machinery until my first Industrial Maintenance job started. While my Active Army days stopped and the Reserve time started I was learning relay logic, diode controlled control-power transmission and 3 phase motor power. The basics for the next 10yrs were set and the two companies after that taught me automation, CNC, robot control, inspection, high speed inspection, G Code, process control and so much more. The machinery and people made everyday a learning experience.

About the Shop

Bringing New life to Veteran Machines

What a better way to truly create than to re-purpose previously used items. All of our machines have served a previous duty. Some have done their duty in an industrial environment of once great manufacturing facilities while others have served as trainers to educate the next generation of machinists. All equipment has been stripped down, re-worked, and re-purposed so that it can carry on creating.

I purchased a Sherline 5400 CNC mill used off of Ebay almost a decade ago. The possibilities of what that little machine could do and what it could teach fascinated me. After that I bought non running CNC machines and re-controlled them to run. Then I built and engraver to tinker with.

After learning a lot on the job and through research I have built a CNC Router from the ground up. The machine envelope will make flags to sell to help build the next machine. The next machine will do cabinet doors, desktops, counter-tops, porch posts and so much more. including flags that are huge. The work envelope will be 6ft by 12ft!

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About Products

Picture of POW / MIA flag hanging on a wall

All Flags are 100% reclaimed wood. Each flag is custom made to order. I have several Union designs to pick from and am willing to work with you on a truly custom design, I also have several choices for the field of stripes as well.

I have flags hanging that have been purchased locally but they aren't the same as these ones. I don't staple pieces together, they are screwed and glued. I don't paint the union on top of the stripes, the union is separate and screwed in using pocketed screws.

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